Thank You Acsenda School of Management for your Support!

Acsenda School of Management

Acsenda School of Management is helping CMES to raise awareness about SME – Student Medical Exam

About Acsenda School of Managment – 

Acsenda is a private post-secondary institution located in the vibrant business district of Vancouver, offering competitive undergraduate degrees in both business administration and hospitality management.

Situated inside one of the most prestigious buildings in the city, Acsenda is an institution that emphasizes an international business focus, a diverse learning environment and small class sizes.

With students from over 43 different countries, Acsenda prioritizes the global job market at large, proudly relying on a learning philosophy that prepares students for the international business climate.

Acsenda, unlike other institutions, incorporates certification processes into the learning curriculum. This means that Acsenda students will graduate with the necessary credentials and documentation to pursue the career of their dreams.

CMES is grateful to Acsenda School of Management for their continuous support towards our vision of Healthier & Safe Canada!

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