MHSIP – Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living Services Insurance Plan

Manitoba’s provincial health plan is known as “Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living, “The provincial drug benefits program is known as “Pharmacare.” These benefits are available to all permanent residents of Manitoba who reside in the province for at least six (6) months in a calendar year.

Manitoba Health Insurance Plan

What’s Covered

1. Medical Services

  • Physician services that are medically required.
  • Surgery and anesthesia.
  • X-ray and laboratory services when ordered by a physician and performed in an approved facility.
  • One routine eye exam by an optometrist every two (2) years for residents under 19 or over 64 years old.
  • Eye exams considered medically necessary by a physician or optometrist are covered regardless of age.
  • Up to 7 chiropractor visits per calendar year. Spinal column, pelvis and extremities adjustments are all covered.
  • Some dental procedures are covered when performed in a hospital.

2. Hospital Services

  • Standard accommodations and meals.
  • Medically necessary nursing services.
  • Laboratory, x-ray and diagnostic procedures.
  • All medications given in a hospital.
  • Operating room, anesthetics and all surgical supplies.
  • Occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy services.
  • Dietetic (diet and nutrition) counselling.

3. Personal Home Care

  • Standard (not semi-private or private) accommodations.
  • Basic nursing.
  • Assistance with daily living activities.
  • Physiotherapy plus occupational therapy.
  • Medical and surgical supplies if medically required.
  • Prescription drugs that Manitoba Health approves.
  • Meals (this includes specialty diets that are needed).
  • Laundry and linen services.


  • Emergency ambulance services are usually not covered by Manitoba Health. Exceptions are some air ambulance transfers and land transfers between medical facilities.
  • Residents who permanently live in Manitoba are eligible for personal home care benefits; newcomers are eligible after living in the province for 24 months. An assessment panel must determine that you require personal home care to receive insured benefits

What’s Not Covered

  • Health services requested by a 3rd party (e.g. exams and lab tests for employment, driver’s licenses, etc.).
  • Unless given in a hospital and medically necessary, most prescription drugs or unless you qualify for Pharmacare.
  • Ambulance transportation costs, unless being transported between medical facilities. Note that there is a Northern Patient Transportation Program available for residents who live north of the 53rd parallel).
  • Private and semi-private hospital rooms.
  • Chiropodists, podiatrists and acupuncturists.
  • Psychologists and dietitians (unless service is performed in a hospital).
  • Private nursing.
  • Any procedure or service not medically required (e.g. cosmetic surgery).
  • All chiropractic services that are not considered adjustments.
  • Personal home care received out of province.
  • Extra costs associated with private and semi-private hospital rooms.
  • Advice rendered over the telephone.
  • Routine eye exams are not covered if you are aged 19 to 64.
  • Any chiropractic services required due to an automobile accident if covered by Manitoba Public Insurance.


To be eligible for Manitoba Health coverage, you must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or;
  • Have Immigration status as outlined in The Health Services Insurance Act:
    • Permanent Residents
    • Work Permit holders and their spouse/dependants (Permit validity periods apply)
  • Establish a permanent residence in Manitoba, and
  • Reside (physically) in Manitoba for six months in a calendar year

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