Quit Smoking In Vancouver with supportive programs provided by B.C. Gov.

Deciding on Quitting Smoking is the Best Decision you can ever make for Yourself.

The process to Quit Smoking will not be easy. However, it will be worth millions, and you will surely be happy later with the decision made today.
Quitting smoking is a process and will not happen overnight. It will require commitment and support. Furthermore, the difficulties will come through early on. However, you will achieve the goals—supportive programs provided by the Government of British Columbia is available for your help. Recovery from nicotine addiction is doable, once and forever.

This blog article will guide you on the importance of being nicotine-free for a healthy lifestyle, highlighting the programs available in B.C. to help you stop smoking. 

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Why Quit Smoking

The majority well receives smoking as a slow poison. It may not show its effects on your health today, but it will indeed affect your overall physical strength in time. Apart from physical effects, the mental effects of smoking are neither vague.
There are many reasons why you should consider quitting smoking at the earliest. A few of the reasons are;

  • Increase self-confidence level and self-control
  • Decrease risk of smoking-caused illness; heart and lung diseases, throat and oral cancer, and emphysema
  • Improved sense of taste and smell
  • Become a role model for friends and family
  • More Savings

When Should You Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is the best gift one can give to himself. You can choose the best time to treat yourself to this best gift of healthy life. The health benefits of quitting smoking start the first day you give up. You increase your oxygen intake and lower your blood pressure with this act. After one year of nicotine-free life, you decrease your chances of heart-related problems by half. With ten years of nicotine-free life, you reduce your chances of lungs related issues by half.

So when should you give up on smoking? Well, it is never too late and never too early. So decide a date today and act upon your goals. Stay committed!

Get Ready to Quit

Plan your steps. List your goals. We have gathered a few steps for you to consider while planning your actions to achieve your goal of a smoke-free lifestyle;

  • List your goals for motivation.
  • Choose your day and time. (earlier the better – try to choose one in the next two weeks)
  • Choose the methods you will follow to help you quit. (NRT, prescription medications or counselling)
  • Ask your friends and family to help you stay committed to achieving your goal.
  • Exercise and eat healthy to minimize nicotine cravings
  • Go easy. If you give up on your goal and light a cigarette, don’t consider it a failure. Instead, think about what made you do it and how you can avoid it in future. Start Again.

Quit Methods

Quitting can be challenging. However, with the help of the following methods, the process can be less complex, which can help reduce nicotine cravings and symptoms of withdrawal;

  • Use of NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapies) – patch or gum
  • Prescribed medication
  • Counselling Support – via in-person, phone or text

Programs available in B.C. to help quit smoking


QuitNow is a program offered to people who consume tobacco or e-cigarettes. You can use this service to quit or reduce your tobacco intake. Moreover, you can also use this service if you are in the process of planning to have a nicotine-free life. Trained quit coaches will help you achieve your goals. 

Key Information;

Personalized Online Quit Plan

Text QUITNOW to 654321

Call Toll-Free 1 877 455-2233

Live Chat 

B.C. Smoking Cessation Program

The PharmaCare BC Smoking Cessation Program helps eligible B.C. residents who want to stop smoking or using other tobacco products. It covers the cost of one of two treatment options outlined below:

  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products (patch or gum)
  • Prescription smoking cessation medications

Fore more information, Click here

Furthermore, your pharmacist, dentist, counsellor or another health care provider may also advise you on the best option or combination of options.

Will Vaping Help?

Electronic cigarettes, also known as vapes or e-cigarettes, are not technically considered tobacco products. However, they still do contain nicotine and other chemicals. In comparison, some people have found that switching to vaping has helped them quit smoking. Yet vaping is not harmless too. There is no safe tobacco product. The Effects of vaping can be as harmful as any other tobacco product. And it is addictive too. So once you decide upon quitting smoking, do not go for vaping. Instead, consider the other safe and proven quit-smoking methods like combining NRT with quit coaching.

For more details on measures to quit smoking, please do not hesitate to ask your doctor during the Student Medical Exam, or get in touch with us today. We are here to help.

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