SME – Student Medical Exam

Bringing awareness to preventive medicine

SME - Student Medical Exam

SME – Student Medical Exam is initiated by the Canada Medical Exam Society. This initiative safeguards school and college students from catching underlying health issues. In addition, it is a medical exam to check students’ wellness and growth.

 Moreover, after the Covid-19 time, students are going back to school. First, however, they must take a medical exam to check their mental and physical health.


You are the future! Thus, to check that your body is functioning properly, Student Medical Exam is important.


Our registered doctors will take your health exam and will help you with a healthy lifestyle guide and treatments (if required).  

Importance of SME

Your life can be challenging and stressful at times. We Understand!


Although average levels of stress and anxiety are part of life. However, when the level increases or stays for a long time, it can become harmful. It may reduce productivity and even cause a health risk.


Furthermore, regular health checkups are important to check growing problems in the body. It may not show its symptoms immediately. But, with regular medical exams, one can track those building diseases and take prevention against them immediately. Especially in the early stage, before the condition grows and becomes a serious health problem.

Thus, Student Medical Exam is important! All educational institutes throughout Canada must implement it as a standard practice.



Student Medical Exam is for ALL school, college and university-going students (Local and International) from all over Canada. Our Vision is to bring awareness to preventative measures. It is a cause for a lifetime. So, let's build a Healthier and Safe Canada. Although SME is only available in Vancouver, BC, at the moment. However, we aim to provide our services throughout Canada soon.


Your SME will only take 20 minutes. It will include a physical screen. The doctor will examine your full body functionality and provide you with recommendations for health improvements and wellness. Furthermore, suggestions on taking blood tests, X-rays, and/or further medical treatments will be given. Please note this will be provided only if any symptoms of serious illness are detected. Soon after your SME, you will receive a detailed medical report from the doctor.

The doctor’s report will provide you with recommendations for health improvements and wellness (if required).

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