Saskatchewan Health Plan is the provincial healthcare plan available to all permanent Saskatchewan residents.

Saskatchewan Health Insurance Plan

What’s Fully Covered

  • All medically necessary services are provided by physicians (inpatient/outpatient).
  • Physiotherapy or occupational therapy.
  • Screening mammography for women 50-69 via the Provincial Screening Program for Breast Cancer.
  • Some immunization services.
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STI) treatment.
  • HIV testing which can be done anonymously.
  • Drug, alcohol abuse and gambling addiction treatment (done through the Saskatchewan Health Authority or Metis Addictions Council of Saskatchewan Incorporated).
  • Mental health services via the Saskatchewan Health Authority.
  • Supplementary health services for residents who Social Services recommended. Supplementary services consist of coverages like dental services, prescription drug costs, medical supplies, podiatry/chiropody and transportation costs resulting from a medical emergency.
  • Family health benefits: provided to low-income families who qualify. Benefits are the same as the supplementary services mentioned above and are primarily for children under 18.
  • Home care services provided for free are case assessment, home nursing and physical/occupational therapy. For partially covered homecare services, see below.
  • Some major dental services such as medically necessary dental surgery, extraction of teeth, and dental implants MAY be covered (routine dental services are not covered).

What’s Partially Covered

  • Air ambulance for transportation to get medical services is not available in Saskatchewan (there is a $350 fee). Must be ordered by a physician.
  • Ground ambulance for seniors (a maximum fee of $275).
  • The following public homecare services are partially covered: homemaking, meals and home maintenance. Based on the resident’s income and benefits received, a fee will be charged. Private home care services are not covered.
  • Long-term care costs, unless the resident is assessed as “Level 1”. Resident charges are based on the resident’s income.
  • Podiatry/chiropodist services (inserts are not covered).
  • As of July 1, 2017, coverage for hearing-related services (e.g. tests, counselling, hearing aid fittings, etc.) is only available if you qualify for the Family Health Benefits or the Supplementary Benefits Program.
  • Optometric services: coverage for an annual eye exam for residents who: are less than 18 years old or; have diabetes, or; have suffered some sort of trauma to an eye

What’s Not Covered

  • Prescription drugs, unless you qualify for a drug program.
  • Routine dental services such as cleanings, scalings, fillings, etc.
  • Ground ambulance transportation, unless you are a senior (there is partial coverage for seniors, see “Partial Coverage” above).
  • Air ambulance, unless it is necessary to get treatment not available in Saskatchewan (in which case there is a $350 fee).
  • Although there MAY be limited coverage for glasses if enrolled in the Family Health Benefits program, eyeglasses, lenses, etc.
  • Most paramedical services such as psychologists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, registered massage therapists, etc.


If your home is in Saskatchewan and you usually live in the province for at least five months a year, then you are eligible for Saskatchewan health coverage.

If you are a member of the Canadian Forces or an inmate of a federal prison, you are covered under federal government programs. Your spouses and dependents are also eligible for provincial coverage and must register with eHealth Saskatchewan.

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