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As generally accepted, employee well-being and engagement are the most vital elements for increased productivity and business growth. However, employee empowerment is a key predictor of engagement which is also different from engagement. More companies now understand that giving employees more responsibility and power can benefit both the people and the business.

Furthermore, according to Harward Business Review and APA PsycArticles Journal Article, “when employees feel empowered at work, it’s associated with stronger job performance, job satisfaction and commitment to the organization.”

This article will explore the true extraction of the term Employee Empowerment, followed by its benefits and how one can empower its employees. The estimated read time is 5-7 minutes. 

What Is Employee Empowerment

Employee Empowerment

People define employee empowerment in several ways. First, we believe employee empowerment is about accountability and trust. When you give employees a certain degree of autonomy and responsibility for decision-making in their daily work, it’s more than that. When you empower employees to step up, make their own decisions and pave their path to success, you create a better workplace culture.


Empowered employees are loyal, committed and potentially more productive. The benefits are endless when employees have the tools and resources to successfully manage or lead their projects, work toward their goals, and drive their careers.

Empowered Employees;

  • Go the extra mile
  • Follow best practices
  • Be more productive
  • Have good communication
  • Embrace change
  • Have a “can-do” attitude
  • Provide better customer service

How To Empower Employees

How To Empower Your Team

So, how do you spark employee empowerment in the workplace? Well, firstly offer it in the daily roles of our employees. Then, make sure to enable, inspire and encourage individuals to take steps to improve their work experience, increase their work engagement and help build an inclusive culture. Lastly, welcome feedback and suggestions from your team for building a better work environment. 

Our Six Steps Guide For Employee Empowerment

  1. Offer authority and ownership by handing out responsibility. 
  2. Make guidelines and best practices clear. 
  3. Encourage communication
  4.  Offer individual or team coaching
  5.  Allow growth opportunities. 
  6.  Provide organizational support for employees

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