Tips for dealing with homesickness – Feel at home in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby and other parts of B.C. Canada

Welcome to Canada. Studying abroad, far away from your family, can be challenging and, at times, upsetting. We understand. However, if surrounded by the right people in a supportive environment, the journey can be joyful. Firstly, if you have just moved to Canada in recent weeks, you may be finding yourself disconnected from your friends and family. This feeling of being lonely and away from loved ones is homesickness.


Homesickness Is An Illness That Can Be Very Harmful

Homesickness Is An Illness

Homesickness can affect not only your mental health but also your physical wellness. Various occasions and events can trigger homesickness. However, homesickness can be harmful; it is very common and completely normal. Anyone moving away from their loved ones feels the same as any other person. Thus, although homesickness is not easy to tackle, it can be dealt with. 

We have gathered some tips on dealing with homesickness faster and how you can feel at home in Vancouver, B.C.

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Explore the New City


Firstly, explore the beauty of your new home city. Vancouver, in fact, the whole of British Columbia, is beautiful. Explore new places, restaurants, bars and public places near you. Experiencing new things to do can help you feel good and avoid homesickness. Furthermore, find something to do nearby that attracts your interest. Maybe find a local go-to cafe or a park. Staying outdoors during free time can help you stay fresh. 

Avoid Homesickness by Looking Forward to New Things

A new city means new people, new friends. Thus, plan new adventures in Vancouver and other surrounding towns with your friends. Weekly city getaways and meet-ups can help you get through the rough periods of homesickness. 

Try visiting the following most popular attractions in Metro Vancouver;

Bloedel Conservatory

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Flyover Canada

Day trip to Whistler 

Grouse Mountain

Stanley Park Horse-Drawn Tours

Sea to Sky Gondola

Science World

Stay Busy with Enjoying the Present

You are young and have moved to a new city, enjoy the best of it. Alongside your studies, make time out for yourself and things you have never done before. For Example, trying out traditional recipes or learning a new language can help you stay busy and avoid homesickness. 

Develop a Feeling of Home to Avoid Homesickness

Although it’s important to stay in touch with your friends and family at home, but try to find a balance between catching up and focussing on your new life. Furthermore, if you spend hours on Skype or checking your Facebook feed looking at things you are missing, you will never fully settle in your new environment. Thus, focus on what you have right now, get out and explore so you can develop a feeling of home. Lastly, Limit your social media time to a few hours per week.

Continue or Find a New Hobby

is there something you really enjoyed doing in your home country? Then why stop now. Keep up with your hobby to stay busy and interested in things you do during your free time. Furthermore, when you are in a new city, why not try new activities. Cycling, hiking, boating and skiing are very popular among Vancouverites. 

Be Active 

Which city can be better than Vancouver for a healthy lifestyle! Stay fit and healthy in your new city. Join a fitness centre near you. Go for a daily walk or job in the parks, beaches or mountains nearby. This way, you can stay fresh physically and mentally, which will help you in your studies and avoid homesickness. 

Treat Yourself to Reduce Homesickness

Lastly, you might be missing food, drinks and candies from your home country. For sure you will here and then. So why not treat yourself with those items occasionally. However, it might be expensive to buy imported goods in Vancouver. Yet, treating yourself once in a while can give you immense pleasure.

Furthermore, asking your friends and family to bring you your favourite items when they travel would be a great idea. However, depending on them is not ideal. Thus, explore new things and enjoy new flavours when you are in Vancouver. 

Try out the following amazing markets to visit in Vancouver, BC

Granville Island Public Market

Lonsdale Quay Market

The Fair at PNE (only in summer)

Richmond Night Market (only in summer)

Talk to a specialist.

To conclude, homesickness is expected when you recently move out of home town. It’s Normal! However, if it has been months since you have moved to Canada and still feel isolated in your apartment with feelings of loneliness, you may be suffering from homesickness. This feeling can be very harmful and can affect your studies and growth. So it is best to get advice from others. 

Firstly, start with sharing it with friends. They may share their experience too and together you can find activities to overcome homesickness. 

However, if that doesn’t help, seek expert advice immediately. 

Here2Talk launched in April 2020 as a free mental health counselling and referral service providing year-round, 24/7 mental health support services for all B.C. post-secondary students, whether they live in Canada or abroad. Learn More about Here2Talk

Canada-wide toll free, dial: 1-877-857-3397

Canada-wide direct, dial: 604-642-5212

If you are accessing from outside Canada. International calling charges may apply; dial: +1-604-642-5212

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