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Here, you will find the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions by other students and school administrators on Student Medical Exam in Vancouver, B.C.

What is SME?

The Student Medical Exam is an initiative by CMES to introduce preventive medical exams for schools and colleges all over Canada. It is a medical exam to determine a student’s wellness and growth. Additionally, as of the post coronavirus disease time, when students are moving back to their school-going routines, it is necessary for them to undergo a medical exam to determine their mental and physical stability. Our doctors will conduct your health screening and can help you with healthy lifestyle guidelines and treatments (if required). 

What is CMES?

Canada Medical Exam Society (CMES) is a not-for-profit organization established to increase awareness of the importance of regular health checks. To ensure that your body functions efficiently and effectively, regular medical checks are vital. Therefore, CMES has laid its foundation to spread awareness on regular health checks, encouraging operational management to adapt standard heath check measures as part of their operational policy.  

Who is SME for?

Student Medical Exam is for ALL school, college and university going students (Local and International) from all over Canada. It is a necessary measure to protect you from contagious viruses and diseases. The service is only available in Vancouver, BC at the moment but will be available throughout Canada in the near future.

Who Conducts SME?

Student Medical Exam is conducted by Registered and Experienced Doctors approved by CMES. The doctors conducting SME are welcoming who conduct your medical check in a caring and supportive environment.

Can I get my SME for any other Doctor?

You can get your SME conducted by any Doctor that has been approved by CMES to conduct SME.

Right now, the Student Medical Exam service is only being offered by Dr. Eileen Fan located at 118 Keefer Street and Dr. Marzieh Shafie located at 1428 W Hastings Street in Vancouver.

However, note that CMES approves more doctors whenever the demand increases.

What documents do I need for SME?

Please bring a photo ID, as well as your student ID.

After the exam, you will receive your medical report and recommendations, as well as the form of completion to give to your school advisor.

You will also receive access to our exclusive content with guidelines for your health, information regarding MSP, and many other helpful resources to stay healthy during your stay in Canada.

How is SME conducted?

Student Medical exam will include a physical screen, where the doctor will examine full body functionality and provide the student with recommendations for health improvements and wellness. Furthermore, the doctor’s report will also offer suggestions on undertaking blood tests, X-rays, and/or further medical treatments if any symptoms of serious illness are detected that may have started developing its effects or may arise in the future.

Is SME covered by MSP?

No. Student Medical Exam is not covered by Medical Service Plan. It is a recommended medical check to determine the presence or building of contagious viruses and diseases that may be developing within your body which you may not be aware of. SME is necessary for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What are the charges for SME?

The Student Medical Exam is $195, tax included. Additionally, you can receive a Student Medical Exam and a PAP smear for $260.

How long will it take to get my SME?

Student Medical Exam is designed to be conducted within 15 minutes. It can be easily booked for during your break time, after school time or at any other time convenient to you. Book Now

Do I need to book my SME in advance?

Yes. Please book your SME in advance via our online booking system. Contact us for any further queries.

How do I book my SME?

Click here to conveniently book your Student Medical Exam via our user-friendly online booking system.

What happens after my SME?

Soon after your Student Medical Exam, you will receive a detailed examination report from the doctor. The doctor’s report will provide you with recommendations for health improvements and wellness (if required).

You will also have access to many valuable resources and exclusive content necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle (please register online). Other than this, the Doctors and MOA’s will always be available for your assistance. Please feel free to contact us for any details.

What resources will I get when I Register?

Interactive Map, Disease Prevention Measures, Nutrition Guidance, Wellness Assistance, Holistic Therapies, Informative Directories & MUCH MORE! It’s Free and only takes a couple of minutes to register. Click here to Register and get unlimited access to Exclusive Content personalized for you.

How will I receive the SME results?

You will receive your Medical Exam report immediately after your Student Medical Exam by the doctor. The report will have the result of your physical screening, as well as recommended actions for future protection (if required). 

Will the results be disclosed to my School/College?

The results of your Student Medical Exam will not be disclosed to anyone else other than yourself and to your legal guardian (if approved by yourself).

We will never disclose any medical info to anyone, except the patient. In the case where your school/college has made it a mandatory policy to undergo Student Medical Exam, the school will only get the form of completion of your SME with us, without disclosing your medical results.

Can I take SME even if it’s not required by my school/college?

Yes, of course. Student Medical Exam is for ALL school, college and university going students (Local and International students) from all over Canada. Even though if your educational institute has not requested you to undergo Student Medical Exam, still you are not only welcome but also requested to undertake SME for your safety.

Why is SME necessary?

Your life can be challenging and stressful at times. We Understand!

Although moderate levels of stress and anxiety are part of life. As encouragement, it may be good for us. However, when the level of stress increases or stays within for a long time, it can become a burden, reduce productivity, and even cause a health risk.

Furthermore, regular health checkups are essential to detect specific problems in the body, which may not express its symptoms immediately. With regular medical exams, one can track those building diseases and take preventive measures against them immediately, especially in their initial stage, before allowing the condition to grow into life-threatening.

Thus, SME is important! All educational institutes throughout Canada must implement it as a standard practice.

Looking for something else? We are here for your assistance. Contact us now with your query and we will get back to you at our earliest.

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